Inequalities, social exclusion and social justice

I am passionate about social justice, and my work aims towards contributing to equality and just social development. From a normative point of view, social justice is an important driver of my research. During my last year as an undergrad student of Politics I did a placement at the Department of Social Policy in the city council of Valencia, what opened my mind to concepts as co-development and social exclusion, which became the focus of my research in the following years, first as a Master student and later as PhD student.

Most of my research focuses on social justice issues with a territorial perspective. A substantial portion of my work has involved researching social exclusion processes in rural areas. My PhD thesis extended a comparative study on the role of local councils in tackling social exclusion in rural areas. I have also participated in two research projects (one European and one local) about the development of social exclusion and the effects of the crisis in rural Spain.

  • PhD in Local Development and International Cooperation. University of Valencia, 2016. Thesis: El papel de los ayuntamientos frente a los procesos de exclusión en el medio rural. Estudio cualitativo comparativo en la Comunitat Valenciana. Available at:

Selected projects:

  • INSERT-RURAL – Redes sociales e innovación social: factores y estrategias de resiliencia frente a la pobreza y la exclusion social en los jovenes y las mujeres del medio rural valenciano, Generalitat Valenciana. (2017-2019; role: Researacher)
  • SIMRA – Social innovation in marginalised rural areas, European Commission Horizon 2020 project (2016-2020; role: Research Associate)
  • Impact of the crisis in social exclusion in rural areas in Albacete (Spain) (2013-2014; funded by Albacete Provincial Council; role: Researcher)
  • TIPSE – Territorial dimension of poverty and social exclusion in Europe, ESPON 2013; (2012-2014; role: Research Assistant)

My publications reflect on social exclusion and poverty in rural areas, trying to unveil the drivers of such processes –with special attention to gender inequalities- and exploring the strategies in place to tackle them, with particular attention to social innovation and social policies.
Selected papers:

I also worked as a lecturer at the Department of Social Work and Social Services at the Univesity of Valencia when I was a PhD student, being module leader in ‘Ideologies and social welfare’ (2013-2014 and 2014-2015). This module provided the students with knowledge about what ideologies are, which are the most significant ideologies in the Western world and what is their approach to social welfare.

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